Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guerrilla music videos

Hope your day has been agreeing with you.
Today I'm going to talk about music video production. On the road you see alot of neat places that most people dont get to see. I see this as an opportunity to get some great footage.  The true point of this video is to share this travel experience with everyone we can. In my situation this means two birds one stone with video and our new tracks.
So we put ourselves to the test and shot some footage at New Harmony,  Indiana. We didn't ask for permission we just started shooting with the idea we came up with that morning. With this style of guerilla video production is easier to apologize when confronted then to ask permission. If they say no It can keep you from great content.  The goal was to get all the video we needed in one day, which we did. Then one day to edit it, which was also completed.  In this way we can turn out a homemade video, and do it quickly.

Here is the video on the new YouTube account.

The format was a few time lapse shots, a few performance shots, and filler footage from around the area. Keep It clean and simple. 
One thing to remember is that different cameras take video at different rates, file types and sizes. So mixing the cameras for video can cause some errors in the editing.Now when it comes to editing I prefer Adobe premiere.  But its expense isn't worth it for most people. All you really need is fade effects between clips and ability to put text on screen to make a decent you tube video.Having a Good camera helps to.
I layed down the audio track first
Then I sinked all the performance footage to the audio track. Then I cut In all the extra peices on the voids and weeker parts of the performances. The performance peices in particular,  we played the audio file outload on my cell phone in my pocket so we could play it at the right timing for the video.
All together it took about 4 hours to shoot the video and another four to edit it. So one days work could make a full video as long as a plan is already thought up. This keeps you from wasting time when your trying to be a ninja and recorde were there are restricted signs everywhere.
This was our first  atemp at a video. Its only going to get better from here.
See you soon,
J. Gilton

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