Sunday, May 27, 2012

Whats on the agenda.

New music, new tour, new stuff, geo caching, merch, and an active stream of content for those who are interested.

New music
*full band studio tracks

*Starting with a few local shows in St. Louis
*next is a public transportation cafe/publicity tour to major citys
*Google earth virtual tour

*wire dragon fly geo cache with capsule

Stream of content
*you tube idea time stuff
     How to make merch vids
     Moble music factory templates
     Live music
*social media
*Website content experimentation

But before I do anything at all, I must first eat this.

Test 2

This is what's going on right know outside my door. Sent from fancy phone.

Test post 1
Keeping an open eye out for opportunity is good, but the ambition to pursue them defines our character.