Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Morphing Midnight musings

I set her tuning in useless a useless key and turn in sleepless hours.
Then you hear the not of love, and you can feel its powers
I do not dine full of wine when I recline in my domicile
I take alittle more in and grin at the sin in the moment of reconcile

Popular culture is giving us a an overflow of useless things
The TV is for adds owned by the corporations selling disposable dreams
OWners of the info, also own the  news and the politicians
Election season is domestic psychological  warfare, and superstitions
Corporate espionage is an international and democratic business
Mixing and mingling in the mezzanines over consumer data and page visits

How do i make a difference, when i can't find the way
So many things leave you speechless, with nothing to say
can music change the heart and renew the mind,
Find the button in you to restart and truly redefine
Can we help in harmony, instead of shudder, shrouded by useless noise
Maybe melody,  instead of the other, will fill us in pride and poise

What if i look at history and put it together,
what could I build?
The lessons are not as obvious any more
Patriotism sets its roots in rebellion against the very dirt from which it springs to life
And the winner erases the history of his enemy,
PAin on paper following the rules they decided from the fallen ashes of a failed idea

Fulled with the caffeine and cinnamon under my nose
A place to pull energy, and the screen that shows
A source of synthetic type of cerebellum
To absorb the ab-norm with artificial Flagellum
Click by Click Chemicals concted to the information
Making you an unqualified expert for a variety of situations
Who acts without hesitation in a proclamation of your digital regurgitation